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Improving the Response Time of Indefero

Improving the speed of Indefero is challenging as it requires managing a lot of moving parts, from the git/subversion backends to the database. This week, I have been working on setting up Graphite for the infrastructure. This is working pretty well and provides graph like the following one.

Current response time of Indefero

This graph is extracted from a special Nginx log format which includes the time needed for Nginx to send the response back to the client. The only thing missing is that when I see a spike, I need a way to directly access the corresponding logs to figure out why. At the moment, there are no integrations between these metrics and the logs.

To improve a system, one needs to know the current state. Graphite is a bit hard to setup, but afterwards, it is really easy to push data in. A really nice tool.

Loïc d'Anterroches,
Dec 2, 2011

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